Toledo view point from the panoramic tour
One of the best panoramic views that you can find in Spain.

Toledo is surrounded by the Tajo River, giving the city a natural protection that has been vital during many wars and centuries. It also offers the best frame for an spectacular postcard. If you take the road that goes by the river you’ll find some places to stop with the car.

If you visit Toledo by train you can take a taxi from the train station and ask the driver to do the “Panoramica”, they charge a fixed price, 15€, and it finishes in the city center, in front of the Cathedral.

View points by the river – The Panorama Road

Alcantara Bridge

It’s on the East of the city, there is a small area for parking and it offers you the best view of the Alcantara Bridge and Gate, also a nice view of the Alcazar. There has been a bridge here since the Roman times, and this made Toledo an important city for the travelers that used the Roman paths crossing the country, as this was one of the only bridges in this river. If you turn your back to Toledo, you’ll see a small hill, on the top of this, there is a castle from the XI century, the San Servando Castle, you’ll see it better from the next view point.

Mirador del Valle – the best lookout in Toledo

I call it the Wow! Point. You’ll probably take from here the best photo of your trip to Toledo. From Here, you can see most of the city and the contrast of all the different architectures.

The Alcazar and The Cathedral stands out in the sky line.

Sunsets and sunrises here are obviously breathtaking.

San Martin Bridge

In the West of the Toledo, we have this monumental entrance to the city. From here you can also see the San Juan de los Reyes Monastery.